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Framing The Right Story

Every organization has a story that answers why that organization exists and where it wants to go. That story is what helps them solve market problems and capitalize on new business opportunities. The question a business leader needs to ask is, whether their organization is building around the right story focus.

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Pushing Past The Fear Of What's Next

As a leader in your business, organization, or church, it's important to know how to transition through changes in your life. Change isn't always fun. Sometimes the fear of change, can stop you from ever taking steps toward it. Maybe you know a season of change is around the corner, but you aren't sure how you feel about your transition. Maybe you haven't prepared well for what's ahead, and you're stuck. How do you move from the season you're currently in, to where you know you're supposed to go? 

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Choose To Create Not React

As a leader in your church, your organization, or your business, it's easy to fall into the rut of simply completing tasks and getting work done. You can get so busy and even overwhelmed with deadlines and process, that you simply follow a track that’s laid out for you. You can get really good at implementing what’s needed, but fail to go further and fulfill what you were meant to.

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